Camargue Skye templates
Select one of our predefined templates to start creating your patio cover.
Crystal lounge
  • Modern, light architecture with an airy feeling that blurs the boundaries between outside and inside
  • Soft grey structure in combination with white roof blades and semi-transparent side infills
Earth oasis
  • Warm earth tones create a southern atmosphere
  • Earthy-brown patio cover with side infills in natural and traditional materials
Idyllic garden
  • Subtle greens and warm greys inspired by plants bring you to the heart of nature
  • Warm grey patio cover with olive-green undertones and contemporary, calming side infills
Pure essence
  • Pale colours and soft finishes create a dreamy atmosphere
  • Soft neutral-beige patio cover with refined side infills
Spiritual harmony
  • Minimalist, dark colour palette inspired by traditional Japanese architecture that balances body and mind
  • Black-brown patio cover combined with minimalist, natural side infills
Tech cocoon
  • Contemporary and young style where a sense of pure transparency dominates
  • White patio cover that lends itself perfectly as a blank canvas and technical materials to complete it